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Blackberry Playbook Review

Blackberry Playbook price in India is Rs 32,000 ~ Rs 41690(depending upon the memory)



Blackberry playbook is a third major tablet platforms launched in recent times and it can be a future as well. The blackberry playbook is a pleasantly minimal gadget with a button less void and has the real world manifestation like an archetypal black slate, meant for kids. The gadget is les than 1 kilo and is like a hair thin leer, with a rubbery gloss and a feel grippe screen bright and poppy eye features which are listed below.


  • Blackberry Playbook comes with a secure operating system which is a Blackberry tablet operating system, which is based on the RIM platform, which acquired the license from QNX software. Blackberry OS is an open source platform and so it offers true multi tasking along with the enterprise level security and also an excellent simple user interface.
  • The Blackberry Playbook will also ensure that the users can go for the full flash browsing, HTML 5 support and can also access the ray of applications from the Google android operating system, which is like a sync technology.
  • The display screen of Blackberry Playbook is 7 inches and is a TFT display with a plenty of responsive cutting edge feel.
  • Processor wise blackberry playbook offers a good count as the CPU is headed with a 1GH dual core cortex A9 CPU processor with a power VR SGX540 Graphics unit and a OMAP chipset as well.
  • The RAM of Blackberry playbook is 1GB and this makes a clean sweep when compared to other playbooks.
  • Coming to the camera purpose, the blackberry playbook is offered with a single 3 mega pixel front facing camera and that is for the video conferencing and the video calling. The rear end 5 mega pixel camera is offered for producing decent images and will be available to capture some shots and they can act as memorabilia.
  • A Blackberry playbook offers a HDMI output which is like giving a good amount of entertainment to its privileged users. The user can view HD display enabled content and the tablet will also be eligible for accessing notes and other related information as well.

Note- Blackberry Playbook is just meant to play as it has nothing to do with the communication purpose like GSM calling, short messaging and multi media messaging.


Blackberry Playbook Photos


Blackberry Playbook

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