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Apple ibook 14 inch Review

Apple ibook 14 inches

Apple ibook 14 inch India

Price-apple ibook 14” is available for a price of Rs 53,645 which excludes other taxes.

Screen- Apple ibook has a 14 inches XGA TFT screen which is perfect for the home users and the business users. The screen size is enough to view the characters ad images well in size. The resolution of the screen is 1024*768 and the output display is excellent with impeccable clarity.


Processor- Processor is considered as a heart of the computer and Apple ibook 14” has a 1.33 Giga Hertz G4 processor. The processor is quick enough in processing the data and is enough for all those consumers like Business people and home users to work on.

RAM-a 256 MB memory chipset is provided in Apple ibook 14”Central processing unit.

Hard disk storage- for a businessman to store his business documents and for home users in order to secure their home work or movies a large chunk of storage space is needed. So, Apple ibook 14” is equipped with a hard disk of storage capacity 30GB and an option to upgrade it to a 60 GB hard disk is also available. So, with this much storage capacity, the user has enough space to store his/her related documents.

Optical drive- in order to stay up graded with the latest technology Apple ibook 14” has a optical drive of a slot loading DVD super Multi Dual Layer drive and is well enough to read and write DVD, Compact disks . So, for all those home users who love to view their movies at home, this DVD reader and writer will enable them to view movies which are in DVD format. The read and write speeds are dual layered on this DVD writer.

Video card- Apple ibook 14” has an ATI mobility random X700 video card with an external memory of 128MB video storage.

TV Output- in order to connect the Apple ibook 14” with a Television an S-Video is synchronizing card. This enables the users to connect the Apple ibook 12” with a television in order to view movies and some formatted files on the wide screen. However the TV output card is available on demand.

Environmental parameters- the minimum operating temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, and maximum operating temperature is around 36 degrees Celsius. Humidity range will be in between 20% to 80%.

Audio- Apple ibook 14” is equipped with built in speakers and has Sound blaster pro and Microsoft direct sound compatible cards. This makes the music out put immensely applaudable.

LAN card- for all those who would like to go for a web connection a LAN supportive to wireless and wire line connection has been inserted. 10/100/1000 LAN which is 802.11 B/G wireless LAN is equipped in this computer with an Signal UP technology.

Modem- A 56KBPS modem is inserted in the Apple ibook 14” in order to process, synchronize and display the data.

Card reader- 5 in one card reader is well provided with an Apple ibook 14” and this allows the users to read the data on the memory cards such as photos, documents, videos. Is available on demand

USB port- for all the users who would like to be connected with their digital cameras, mobile phones a USB port has been supported inside the laptop. A PC card slot and an Infra Red port have also been added on to the central processing unit of Apple ibook 14”.

Apple ibook 14 inch Price

Battery life- this is a vital part of the computer as this serves as the power supplier to the laptop. Apple ibook 14” has a battery life of 3.5 hours and initially for the first six months the battery will get charged in 6 hours time. Then gradually the time for recharging the battery gets increased. However, the recharging time and the battery life depend on the usage of the laptop. If the battery needs to be replaced after 2 years, then the cost of the battery will be priced around Rs 3000.

However, the battery can also be covered inside warranty if it needs a battery change within the period of 1 year which is the warranty limit.

Weight- the weight of the Apple ibook 14” is also very much light and is only 2.86 kilos which is a nominal weight which is easy to carry.

Operating System- apple ibook operates on the operating system of Apple Macosx10.4. and supports software’s such as Apple Mac OS X ail, Apple Mac OS X Chess, Apple Sherlock, Apple DVD Player, Apple works, Apple I tunes, Apple I Chat, apple drivers and utilities.

  • Extra’s- an external mouse is better to take as the user always communicates with the mouse and it is not advisable to use a Laptop mouse for rough use. So, an external mouse can be connected to the mouse pin which is at an edge to the Apple ibook 14”.
  • Always install the genuine software operating system and is advisable to install a 2003 or a 2006 operating system on it.
  • Use a genuine anti virus or spy ware software if the Apple ibook 14” is used for a business use.
  • It is always a wise decision to opt for an accidental damage and extension of warranty cover by paying an extra of Rs 3000.
  • In order to stay safe and secure, the user can also install Linux operating system.

Safety measures

  • Never charge the battery of the Apple ibook 14” for more than 5 hours. This constant practice may bulge the battery and may also make the battery explode
  • Use a perfect bag sized cover with a handle in order to carry the Apple ibook 14”. It must be water proof as moist can make the Apple ibook 14” damage
  • Always load the laptop with a genuine operating system as the constant web connection will keep the PC always updated with some software’s.
  • Use genuine parts always while replacing the hardware and always make it done from an authorized dealer.


With almost all classy features and hardware embedded in it, Apple ibook 14”has the perfect class and worth to own. So, if any user is willing own this Apple ibook 14”it would be wise decision.

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