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10 Tips for making passwords strong

Security passwords are common and are mandatory for email accounts and bank online accounts.

Tips for making passwords strong

But those who intended to have a weak or not to the mark standard passwords always fall prey to online frauds which may lead financial loss of data loss. So, here are some of the tips inclined to strengthen the selection of passwords.

1  Never use the passwords which are easily predictable like 123456 which are topping the fraudsters list. These passwords often make the use fall prey to fraudsters who crave for those bank accounts or email accounts which have these numbers are security passwords. According to a survey conducted by windows live hotmail, nearly 10,000 users fall prey to fraudsters who make their accounts damp and steal the useful data.

  2   Passwords such as 123456789 are said to be the most common of all passwords which were caught by the fraudsters in phising scam. These 9 digit passwords is reported to have kept as a security code by almost 7,500 users of a single internationally recognized bank as a result, fraudsters from Ukraine, UAE, Canada and Brazil looted almost 6,000 bank accounts worth some million dollars on a yearly span last year.

3 Never use the first name as a password for bank accounts as the fraudsters may get easy access to the bank account via trading the personnel information first and then by logging into the money account by using first names

4 The most idiotic passwords are 111111 which was used by almost 1899 women for their social networking sites in Asia. As a result it is reported that almost 1000 women have reported abuse to the cyber crime when their photos posted in their social networking site accounts was misused. 349 members who used this password 111111as their login account for their bank ids were surprised when their data was tampered and out of them 51 members lost quite a lot of amount.

5 Always use a combination of letters and numbers in tailoring a password. If possible the user can also use passwords which also include special characters like @#$^%&* and so on.

6 According to a survey out of almost 10,000 passwords 42% of passwords were having lower alpha and 19% had only numbers as passwords. Only 12% users had alpha numeric passwords and 21% used a combination of special, alpha and numeric passwords.

7  Never disclose the passwords to any one are a common mandatory rule which is announced by the banks. But still the consumers do the undo.

8 Regular change of passwords say for a period of 15 days and 1 month will eradicate such frauds.

9 Keeping the system free from all kinds of spy ware and viruses will also help in having a safe surfing.

10 Wise banking such as using the email accounts, bank accounts according the rules and regulations directed by the banks and the servers will be credited well.

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