Best selling smart phones in India


Below are the best selling smart phones, which are rallied as per their sales in India.   Apple iPhone 4- Price Rs 34,990- apple IPhone is competing hard with the android and windows loaded smart phones. But still with it smart price and features; the phone is truly a leader. With 3.5 inches of screen size and high quality HD ... Read More »

Sun direct HD Review

Sun direct HD Review

Sun direct HD review is available on the internet and suggests that the picture clarity, which is 5 times sharper than the routine flaunt from a television. The 5.1 channel Dolby digital surround sound gives splendid theatre affect plus it has a wide aspect ratio of 16:9 and makes the image output equal to that off a real.   Sun ... Read More »

LG announces the BL20 Chocolate in compete with O2


LG which is a leading internationally recognized electronic goods manufacture is launching its high end phone which is titled as BL20 Chocolate which is to join another high end progeny of it titled as BL40. The phone is launched in compete with the O2 high end phone which is to come by this Christmas and the phone has a 2.4 ... Read More »

Seo: how to collect whole information on Websites for free


Websites are said to be an open source medium in advertising any kind of product or to propagate any news in this sophisticated world. So, the website development business is picking up in all sorts of ways from the past 4 years. Except for the period in recession, the other period is pronounced as a golden period for the web ... Read More »

Web services to be halted in Pakistan

Internet services are soon going to be halted in the country of Pakistan. According to the latest report from Geo TV, Pakistan Information and broadcasting ministry is all set to take a touch decision on isolating the whole web services in Pakistan on the basis of publishing blasphemous materials against Islam and the country of Pakistan. Already, on Friday, Google, ... Read More »

Technically proficient uses of Android phone

Android phone

Technical software goes on for transformation day to day to meet the needs and the necessities of modern day life of humans. In the recent months, many mobile gadgets have undergone transformation regarding their operating system and are now picking up with the Google mobile operating system which is again re-launched as android enabled handsets. Android phones are also renamed ... Read More »

IMEI number made mandatory for network connection

IMEI number

Mobile network operators have come up to an agreement and will disconnect all those phones which do not have International mobile equipment identification from December 1st, 2009. According to the Indian cellular association all the handsets which do not have 15 digit codes will be tracked down and will be disconnected from operations of any network It is estimated that ... Read More »